Gardening Coach Service

'I am an enthusiastic but relatively in-experienced gardener. I recently had my garden redesigned by a professional landscape gardener.  It looked wonderful but afterwards I felt daunted. I was fearful of doing things wrong or not doing things at the right time: it was as though it had become the designer’s garden rather than mine. That’s when I turned to the Norfolk School of Gardening. What a joy and what a relief.  Kevin and Ruth are both approachable, highly knowledgeable and want to share and pass on their knowledge of plants and garden care. Coming alongside, and gardening with me, I learnt a great deal and now feel so much more confident I can now enjoy my garden and gardening. They also offered all sorts of helpful advice such as plants for a dry shady spot, how to plant bulbs, which tools to buy and what sort of fertilizer to use and how to apply it. I would highly recommend their Gardening Coach Service'.  

EW, Loddon


'Investing in a day of Garden Coaching with Norfolk School of Gardening’s Ruth and Kevin has been such a good decision. I shared the day with a nearby friend; we both face similar challenges: how to plant up new beds to provide year round interest in an established setting. Our guided preparation was straightforward and not time consuming. A few measurements and photos from various angles and thinking about aspect and soil type. Also any plants or colours to avoid!

The day itself was great fun, much of it outside, looking at our familiar spaces with fresh eyes. We chatted through the various options that were included on a generous list of suggestions which we looked at together in their specialist books and online. 

NSG has created a simple grid to help us each plot our final choices. I can really see how the structure, form and colours of the new planting will make a wonderful new area that delivers more than I’d hoped for.

Thank you!'

JS, Cawston

Border Renovation

'Renovating your Border was the first course I have done at the Norfolk School of Gardening ....and what a revelation it was! Not only did I learn about how to improve my borders, but also about so many other useful tips, which are what make these courses even more valuable and interesting.  The location is stunning and the balance of coursework, between theory and practical, was just right. The day flew past, helped by having an inspiring expert and a great bunch of fellow gardeners to chat to.   I am already looking forward to the next session :)'

JC, Booton

Introduction to Garden Design

'As an amateur gardener I was nervous about being out of my depth. But the tutors, Kevin and Jon, soon put me at ease with their wealth of knowledge and experience. They delivered the sessions in a relaxed style. We learnt how to survey a garden, about structure, rhythm and colour and how to choose the right plants for the space. It has given me the confidence to work on my own garden and I am going to sign up for the cutting garden course next.'

RS, Beccles

Planting for Year Round Colour


Growing vegetables