Environmental Promises

Our aims

We want to limit the impact of what we do on the environment. There are some key ways we can do that.

  • we will minimise our use of plastic. That means that we are piloting using only used plastic pots and planting trays, not buying new ones. We will explore cost effective alternatives to plastic where we do need to purchase new pots. We will not use plastic cups for our coffee, nor will we buy new plastic plant labels. 
  • we will minimise our use of mains water by collecting and storing rainwater for irrigation and by using plants which do not need constant watering.
  • we will not use peat based compost which depletes ancient peat bogs, since these cannot be rapidly replenished. We will instead use alternative growing media such as wool and coir based products as well as our own compost and leaf mould.
  • we will not use harmful chemicals in our garden, including herbicides, pesticides and fungicides. We will instead look for natural alternatives to control pests, diseases and weeds. And we will be happy to share our experience honestly with you.
  • we will grow as many of our own plants as possible to reduce the use of fossil fuels in transport. When we can't grow our own we will try to source plants locally.

There will be more!

We will find more ways to limit the environmental impact of our activities, and if you have any suggestions we would love to hear from you. 

You can also help by donating any unwanted plastic plant pots next time you are passing!

PS.  All of this may mean that sometimes we look a little less tidy than you would expect - there may be mismatching plastic pots in the greenhouse and homemade plant labels.